Herbal Product To Gain Healthy Weight - Body Mass-1000

Some people are naturally quite small and they too feel the effects of bullying. It can be very hard for a person with a fast metabolism to gain body weight. Doctors say that having too low body weight can cause health issues like organ damage, lack of menstruation in women, and bone density loss to name a few.

Some are recovering from eating disorders may also be interested in learning how to gain weight a healthy way. It is certainly true that eating fast food and drinking some colddrinks all day will make you gain weight, but your body may suffer the consequences of poor diet and lack of nutrition. Nutritionists recommend that the best way to gain healthy weight is by eating natural, whole foods and paying attention to caloric intake.

Here is our one Formulation Herbs Supplements For Gain Healthy Weight - Body Mass - 1000


To increase weight naturally

1. It is a successful weight gaining capsules.
2. Ideal for young males who want to increase their body weight.
3. Increases protein intake, appetite in men that nourishes their energy levels and gives te required fitness to the body.
4. It strengthens and tones all muscle tissues including the heart and lungs.
5. Aiding in wound care.
6. Boosting the immune system.
7. Beneficial in impeding the effects of ageing.

2 caps + 2 caps(4 cap each day) Day & night after food.
Or as directed by physician