KPD Health Care - Herbal Product For Cardiovascular Guardian

Lasuna lowers cholesterol, plasma lipids, cholesterol biosynthesis and atherogenesis. Lasuna increases serum fibrinolytic activity and inhibits platelet aggregation. Lasuna has been traditionally used in respiratory conditions like asthma and bronchitis. The Lasuna bulb is effective in treating dyspepsia as it stimulates peristaltic action and the secretion of digestive juices.

Herbal Remedies - Lasuna


The Cardiovascular Guardian.

1. It supports normal cardiovascular function
2. It supports normal blood platelet function.
3. It Supports normal serum cholesterol levels.
4. It supports normal blood sugar levels.
5. It supports the body's immune system from bacterial and fungal infections.
5. It has various benefits that promote overall well-being.

2 caps + 2 caps(4 cap each day) Day & Night after food. Or as directed by physician