Herbal Remidies For Chronic Diseases

Chronic disease management is consuming healthcare resources at an escalating rate.

The Center for Managing Chronic Disease aims to help people control the effects of their chronic illness by putting them at the center of disease control solutions.

We had very effective herbal capsules for Chronic Diseases name as "Haridra", this is herbal capsules so there is no any side effects of it.

Herbal Remidies For Chronic Diseases - Haridra


The versatile cytoprotective in Chronic Diseases.

1. Lowering cholesterol.
2. Prevent the increase in the liver enzymes SGOT and SGPT which are elevated in the case of liver disease.
3. Decreases gastric acid secretion.
4. Increases the mucin content of gastric juices and exerts gastroprotective effects against stress.
5. Acts as an anti-inflammatory herb in both acute and chronic inflammation.
6. Extremely helpful in soothing allergic respiratory disorders like allergic rhinitis, allergic bronchitis and skin allergies.
7. It is a natural blood detoxifier and anti-microbial which helps alleviate skin diseases and enhances the complexion.

2 caps + 2 caps(4 cap each day) Day & Night after food. Or as directed by physician.