KPD Health Care - Herbal Supplement For White Discharge

It is not abnormal to see white discharges in women with different age groups. This problem is generally seen in teenage girls. Little bit of white discharge is not at all a medical problem. Excess of the discharge in a lady can be a matter of concern. The medical term used for this white color liquid is known as Leuchorroea. This can give rise to many serious problems in the reproductive organ of the ladies.

Problem caused due to white discharge are Sexually transmitted disease, pelvic inflammation, hormonal problems, vaginal infections, ovarian cancer, cervical infections etc.

You can treat leucorrhoea with natural ways and avoid harmful side effects of medicines. So thats why we made herbal supplement capsules that helps to protect and help in treatment for leucorrhoea in females.

Herbal Supplement For White Discharge - Lecorea


Protect and help in treatment for leucorrhoea in females

1. Remedy for white discharge without causing any side effects.
2. Boosting the immune system.
3. The ability to calm down and even keel muscular pain, spasms, or other issues.
4. Boost feelings of euphoria and eliminate depression, mental stress, and mental fatigue.
5. It relieves tension as it nourishes the nerves and heals them from the strain of excessive stimulus.

2 caps + 2 caps(4 cap each day) Day & Night after food. Or as directed by physician