Herbal Supplement Waybit-Gold

For male there is need of proper boosting the immune system. Proper diet for muscle strengths is very important. Proper digestion is keep you away from most of the diseases and give you healthy life.

For these purpose we formulate one supplement specially for male that is multipurpose supplement name is Waybit-Gold.

Herbal Supplement - Waybit


Male General Health Care

1. Adding in wound care.
2. Boosting the immune system.
3. It strengthens and tones all muscle tissues including the heart & lungs.
4. It is strong stimulant and is used for both respiratory & digestive system.
5. It rejuvenates the lungs, especially for people with kapha constitutions.
6. Boost feelings of euphoria and eliminate depression, mental stress, and mental fatigue.
7. Clear up feelings of pain, indigestion, and constipation (or other issues in your digestive track). 8. It can be used to detoxify the body/liver and to counter side effects of x-ray radiation.
2 caps + 2 caps(4 cap each day) Day & Night after food. Or as directed by physician.

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