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Latin name: Lilium polyphyllum
Sanskrit/Indian name: Ksirakakoli

General information:
Herbalists and traditional practitioners use white lily as a common home remedy for cuts, wounds, and ulcerations. The leaves or powdered flowers are usually placed on cuts, burns, and open wounds for quick relief from pain. Blisters, sores and cuts are treated with honey buttered white lily petals. For treating oral thrush, the plant is boiled in sweet milk and used as an oral rinse. White lily contains strong antibacterial properties that make it a good cure for treating wounds.

White lily vinegar is a popular herbal remedy for eliminating warts. It also aids in better digestion and treats various digestive problems.

Tea prepared from white lily flowers is an effective blood cleanser and purifier. You can also mix it with peony roots, white shamrock, and white sulphurine to treat leucorrhea.